Pay-Per-Transaction® enables video retailers and distributors to access a wider selection of video titles cost effectively while providing content owners new distribution channels and revenue streams incremental to their existing model.


Product Advantages

New revenue

Our revenue-sharing model enables content owners, distributors and retailers to increase home video revenue, purely incremental to their existing revenue streams.

Expand market reach

Enables content owners to reach new distribution channels while providing distributors and retailers with increased breadth and depth of movie titles to attract new consumers.

Trustworthy measurement

We measure and audit every transaction by directly integrating with point-of-sale systems and servers, enabling accurate revenue sharing execution between studios, distributors & retailers.

Easy data access

Our 24/7 web portal provides instant access to sales and rental transactional activity, revenue sharing terms and statistics.

Key Features

  • Our ordering and product management Internet portal provides the ability to monitor rental and sales activity, track ordering results, review product terms and identify trends.
  • Studio accredited measurement and auditing system verifies each transaction between distributors, retailers and consumers.
  • Professional services connect you to your Vobile representative who has the experience and analytical data to help target the right mix of product for your customers.
  • Complete turnkey solution allows distributors to offer video rental services to customers instantly and cost effectively.